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Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief for Los Angeles Taxpayers

Stop wage garnishment LA

When tax debt and penalties go unsettled for too long, the IRS will resort to their most extreme collection methods, wage garnishments and levies. Once it happens, it normally causes a state of panic, as your hard-earned assets and wages are at risk, leaving you unable to live comfortably.  Being under the threat of a wage garnishment or asset levy is very serious, but there is hope.  In order to stop wage garnishment or levies, it's start with you contacting a wage garnishment relief specialist immediately.

You Can't Afford To Wait

When the IRS decides to garnish your wages, your employer will be notified of the action against you. Your employer is legally obligated to comply with the IRS’ demand. Could you continue to live in comfort if your paycheck is being zapped by the IRS? Most people couldn’t. Understand, the IRS isn't out to make your life miserable, they just want to be paid what they are owed. If you continue to ignore your tax debt, they will resort to extreme measures to collect, and they do this through the tactics of levies and wage garnishments.  The longer you wait, the smaller the window gets for you to qualify for wage garnishment relief.

What the IRS Must Do Before They Garnish Your Wages

Before they can exercise a levy or wage garnishment against you, they send you two letters of notice. The first letter is a warning, and if you do not respond by consulting professional tax help, they send the final notice notifying you a wage garnishment will be officially executed against you.

Seek Wage Garnishment Help Today

If you are being threatened by a wage garnishment or levy, the only option you have to stop it is to contact a professional wage garnishment attorney. Seeking professional help is the first step in stopping a levy or garnishment, and developing a plan to comfortably satisfy your oustanding tax debt. Los Angeles Pure Tax has helped hundreds of taxpayers that are feeling the heat of IRS wage garnishments and levies. We will negotiate a convenient tax relief plan with the IRS that will satisfy your tax debt, and most importantly, keep the IRS from compromising your assets.  Call today, we are happy to listen to your problems and offer professional wage garnishment help. Free consultations (424) 269-2774.

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