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International Tax Consulting and Advising of Los Angeles, CA

International tax attorney LA

Are you a resident of Los Angeles with offshore assets or plan on investing offshore?

Are you concerned with the FBAR and FATCA compliance with your offshore assets?

Have you received correspondence from the U.S. Government regarding international tax violations of your foreign assets?

Pure Tax International has a team of international tax lawyers and advisors that counsel local individuals on the complex tax regulations associated with offshore investing.  Along with a variety of tax problems involved with the IRS, many L.A. taxpayers also find themselves overwhelmed with th ever-changing international tax regulations, making it more and more difficult to remain compliant and avoid hefty financial and criminal penalties.

The Impact of International Tax Issues

Failing to comply with certain U.S. Government mandated tax reporting regulations can spell doom for any local investor looking to shelter and protect their foreign investments. In particular, it's vital that L.A. taxpayers with offshore investments fully comply with FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) regulations, or potentially be targeted for detrimental financial or criminal penalties, which may include:

  • Substantial financial penalties that compromise a large percentage of your investment values
  • Serious criminal charges for international tax delinquency identified as will-ful, or goes un-settled for an extended period of time.

Take Charge of Your International Tax Compliance

Resolving or avoiding international tax issues begins with the investor taking charge and understanding the risks involved.  If you are a local investor in L.A. that owns offshore mutual funds, bank accounts, dividend-structured life insurance policies, or real estate commodities, you and your respective financial institution(s) are 100% subject to FBAR and FATCA requirements.  The international tax attorneys and CPAs of Pure Tax Resolution are ready to review your international tax needs, and construct a strategy to ensure your FATCA and FBAR reporting requirements are properly satisfied, and can offer long-term international tax consulting for the life of your foreign assets.

We offer free, confidential consultations, and flat-rate retainer fees for our international tax services. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, and equip yourself with professionals that cna protect your foreign assets! Call (424) 269-2774


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