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Los Angeles Business Tax Help - Relief for Business Tax Problems

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Local businesses in Los Angeles play a vital role in the health of the Los Angeles economy. Unfortunately, a vast majority of local business owners experience business tax debt of some kind. Just like any other tax debt issue, business tax problems can emerge from the simplest of errors or oversights from the business owner. Regardless of the tax problem, the business tax help professionals at L.A. Pure Tax take pride in helping local business owners resolve tax problems, and offer sound consulting moving forward to maintain healthy tax status with the State or IRS.

Business tax problems tend to occur within these 3 categories:

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax debt is a very common issue for business owners that have an active payroll for their employees.  By not properly withholding taxes from your payroll budget, a business owner will eventually find themselves in the crosshairs of garnishments, levies, and even business seizures from the IRS or State. Whether the payroll tax problem was a result of willful or non-willful negligence, the business owner is still obligated to resolve the problem, and consulting a business tax resolution expert is the first step in properly resolving payroll tax problems.

Worker Classification Errors - Employee or Contractor?

It's important for Los Angeles business owners to understand the guidelines for classifying their workers.  Misclassification of workers (W-2 or Contractor) is perceived by the IRS or State of California as cheating the system. There are many factors in play when it comes properly classifying your workers, and settling the problems once they occur. Because of this, it's important to pursue proper business tax help from a professional.

Overstated Tax Deductions

Another very common business tax problem, overstating deductions is a very slippery slope.  Whether you are knowingly claiming illegitimate deductions or not, if the IRS catches your hand in the business expense cookie jar, they will take action against you and your business.  It's important to consult a professional business tax expert to understand the risks involved, address your overstated deduction problems, and avoid them in the future.


Settle & Prevent Business Tax Problems

Whether you have current business tax problems, want to avoid them, or are looking to launch a new business and need sound consulting, our business tax experts are your professional source. For a free personal business tax consultation, call us today at (424) 269-2774.

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