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Tax Resolution Services for Los Angeles Taxpayers

Tim Halcomb

"Pure Tax Resolution of Los Angeles offers a professional solution for local taxpayers struggling with IRS or state back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments & levies, IRS audits, business tax problems, or tax problems of any kind. I found Pure Tax Resolution to deliver where the faceless "1-800" tax firms cannot, to offer personalized tax help with confidentiality and superior customer service. Our in-house team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents work directly with L.A. taxpayers every step of the way, until all IRS or State tax problems are properly settled. Call (424) 269-2774 now to speak with myself directly, and expect nothing but a positive experience."

~ Tim Halcomb, President of L.A. Pure Tax Resolution


Are you a victim of State or IRS back taxes?    

Do you have mounting tax penalties or interest? 

Are your assets or wages being threatened?    

Are you a Los Angeles business struggling with tax problems?

The fact is, these are questions that pertain to a large amount of individuals and businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding communities, and each case is unique. If you are a Los Angeles taxpayer struggling with tax problems, it's important you seek professional and proven tax resolution, immediately.  This is where Los Angeles Pure Tax Resolution delivers where the "1-800" tax gimmicks cannot. We are all too familiar with the injustices in the tax resolution industry, and it's the taxpayer that falls victim every time.  The truth is, your tax problems aren't going to resolve themselves, and the IRS and State will exercise their expansive power to collect back taxes, even if it means compromising your hard-earned assets. With so much on the line, it's crucial you consult a local and trustworthy tax relief professional. Los Angeles Pure Tax Resolution has served hundreds of taxpayers, like you, with realistic and effective tax debt resolution.

What Is Tax Resolution?

If you are a taxpayer in the Los Angeles area struggling with delinquent tax debt of any kind, you should seek tax resolution.  Your tax resolution is simply the strategy a professional will exercise to resolve your tax problems. It depends on a number of factors, including the unique nature of your tax debt, and your financial situation.  The tax resolution experts at Los Angeles Pure Tax Resolution understand what it takes to address your unique tax problem, and formulate an effective strategy to properly resolve your tax problems.

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Professional Back Tax Help

Back taxes, whether IRS or State, is simply the delinquent tax debt that an individual or business owner may owe.  Unfortunately, there is an endless amount of circumstances that can cause back taxes, including mis-filed tax returns, or even a few simple miscalculations on your tax return.  All it takes is a few simple oversights that can lead to a domino effect of tax debt and penalties. The good news? You can qualify for a back tax resolution strategy. Our back tax relief professionals can enroll you in a back tax relief strategy that will get the IRS off your back.

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Licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

When it comes to resolving certain complicated tax problems, only Licensed Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents have the qualifications and knowledge to handle these issues. The truth is, many tax problems need to be addressed with proper negotiations and privileges, privileges that our licensed tax attorneys practice on a daily basis.  Pure Tax Resolution has a proven team of Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents that work directly with Los Angeles taxpayers to address and settle tax problems of any kind, minor or severe.

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Stop Wage Garnishments & Levies

In more extreme cases, where an outstanding tax balance goes unpaid for too long, the IRS will go after wages and bank accounts in order to satisfy the taxes owed to them.  If you are a Los Angeles taxpayer getting threatening letters from the IRS or State informing of you of potential action against your wages or assets, you must take action immediately. Our in-house team of Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents have the ability to contact the IRS or State and put a stop to wage garnishments or levies, sometimes within 24 hours.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

Along with your oustanding tax debt, the IRS and State will tack on mounting tax penalties and interest.  Tax penalties and interest are issued to encourage taxpayers with back taxes to pay off their tax debt. Simply put, time is of the essence. Stopping your accruing tax penalties and interest starts with pursuing tax penalty abatement, which is another service we offer for Los Angeles taxpayers that want to take a proactive approach to stopping, and preventing tax penalties and interest.

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IRS Audit Representation

Many Los Angeles-area individuals and businesses find themselves as the target for an IRS audit, in which proper IRS audit representation is needed.  If you are targeted for an IRS audit, you are either randomly selected (similar to a TSA random search), or they will issue an IRS audit if they suspect any errors on your tax returns.  In most cases, the IRS will request certain information via mail or fax. In more severe scenarios, where they suspect foul play from an individual or business, they will send IRS representatives to your home or place of business. In either case, it's crucial you have expert IRS audit representation to properly mitigate any risks involved from an audit.

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Business Tax Help

Los Angeles has a strong and healthy population of hard-working business owners, many of which find themselves burdened by stressful tax problems. The truth is, business tax problems are a reality for many Los Angeles businesses, and they will jeopardize the welfare of a business if not resolved properly. Los Angeles Pure Tax Resolution has helped hundreds of business owners address their business tax problems, and offer proactive solutions to help maintain healthy tax status for the life of their business.

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Get Tax Help You Can Trust!

We take pride in offering a full range of comprehensive tax help services to individuals and businesses in and around Los Angeles. Pure Tax Resolution offers free consultations, 24 hour availability for clients, up-front pricing, and superior customer service from start to finish. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free personal consultation (424) 269-2774.

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